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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight, we have them. first answer, at least one of the bonuses involved the death of osama bin laden. >> computer geeks in a top secret operation were building models of osama bin laden's compound long before navy seals moved in shooting and killing the master mind of al-qaeda. >> astonishing. >> that's how this spokeswoman describes bonus winners and the man behind what's called intelligence. he was one of the 54 federal workers awarded a 5% pay bonus for service. >> that enabled us to pinpoint, find, and conduct the radon of osama bin laden. which is rather amazing. >> other federal workers who received the top bonus argued the case before the supreme court developed nuclear and biological sensors for backpacks and mattresses safer from fire. >> these winners have included
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nobel prize winners. >> tonight, we have a list of all 54 of the nation's top bonus winners and line by line, what extraordinary service they did to earn it. we have been asking for this information for a week from the administration, no one will tell us this on the record. but a white house official has confirmed the osama bin laden tie and much details in this case. >> hard to argue osama bin laden fella didn't deserve extra pay. >> it will change the mood of some people. >> thanks, appreciate that. less than 24 hours after the world lost the godfather of go-go, we learned of the passing of another music legend this morning. donna summer died today after a lengthy battle with cancer. ♪ [ music ]
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five hits that earned summer grammy awards. the queen of disco was the staple of 70s, but also found fame in the 80s. donna summer died at her home in florida. she was 63. now while most of the country turned to disco in the 70s, d.c. was moving to a slightly different beat and groups like the backyard band that you've been listening to all afternoon long stem from the go-go sound that started with chuck brown. our matt jablow is down along chuck brown way in northwest d.c. with more on the man who started the movement. matt. >> reporter: tributes for the godfather of go-go are pouring in tonight from all over. from those who love chuck brown the musician and chuck brown the person. chuck was 16 years old when he first met chuck brown. >> i owe a lot to him. >> reporter: thompson says they got along great from the
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start. both personally and professionally. thompson played in chuck's band and produced chuck's grammy nominated album. >> one of the easiest people to ever work with in the studio. >> reporter: one day after the death of the godfather of go- go, thompson says chuck the person and chuck the performer will always be with him. >> right now, i feel like he's everywhere now, you know. i got the travel size. i have him whenever i need him. >> reporter: a father figure is how thompson described chuck brown. >> he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. >> reporter: brian mills described chuck in the exact same way. >> got a lot of people off the streets working for him, playing with him. >> reporter: chuck's long time piano and soxophone player talked about living a good life as much as he did playing good music. for all that he will always be grateful. >> i learned a lot of things from him. what things you should do and things not to do and overall,
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he was a great person. my friendship with him is what i'll miss the most. chuck brown was scheduled to perform on june 29. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. lesli. all right matt, i got to say good-bye to you. i can't really hear you, but i hear this band and they are jamming out here and there are people jamming all around us. we'll hear from the backyard band throughout the show and coming up at 6:27, you'll hear from chuck brown in his own words. ♪[ music ] this just in, can you turn
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that down? >> no, we're keeping it up. : tonight, costume controversy. an 8-year-old tries to honor an african american icon, but he gets sent home. some folks say it was racism. we'll tell you what happened at 7:00. still to come, eight world leaders and two small towns, a look at how folks are preparing for the g8 summit in maryland. top. >> it pays to be average. may is just spectacular. we'll take you out with numbers this is downtown. 52 for the low. almost at average. still a little bit of a surplus in the monthly category, but still a deficit in the yearly category. we'll come back and tell you if you can keep it going through the weekend. lots going on, we'll explain. look at the facebook citizenship debate.
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mortgage rates are at a record low for the second straight week in a row. the average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage is down to 3.79%. lots of excitement about facebook going public. >> the public offering is expected to translate into big bucks. congress is eyeing a move by cofounder to renounce his u.s.
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citizenship. you see he's expected to make an estimated $4 billion tomorrow and his move could help him avoid paying millions in taxes. >> but it just so happens the country where he has chosen to reside has no capital gains tax. this tax avoidance scheme is outrageous. he has turned his back on the country that welcomed him and kept him safe, educated him, and helped him become a billionaire. >> he was born in brazil and lived in singapore since 2009. he denies his decision has anything to do with any impending taxes. force anyone who renowneds citizenship for tax purposes to pay a 30% tax on any future investments. still ahead, this bright orange paint isn't part of any roadwork. find out why it's in the middle of pennsylvania avenue. and we have of course been bringing you the sounds of the backyard band for the last hour as we pay tribute to the late
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have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. back now with grooves from the backyard band. they have been in our studio circle all afternoon as we pay tribute to the late chuck brown. we're here at northwest on washington avenue. brown's career included 22 albums. the last of which we got this. garnered him his last nomination. >> bright orange paint near the white house tonight. the messages call on members of the g8 to take action and in poverty around the world. this year's group of 8 summit is scheduled to start tomorrow
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in maryland. and some previous g8 meetings have been plagued with protesters and a new team of public maryland officers will be on theto keep the peace. the state law enforcement coordinating council will work with state troopers, county deputies, and mew nighs municipal police officers on duty. while the summit takes at camp david. kristin fisher shows us how the area is getting ready. >> the important summit, first time to shine to show people that we can do this. >> customers at the deli in downtown frederick can't stop talking about the g8 summit. they tried the special g8 summit sub. >> a blending of all of the flavors of the countries that are included in the g8. >> there are plenty of people who wish they could wait. wish they had more time. >> most cities that get notified about an event like this get two years planning time. we've had actually eight weeks.
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>> frederick county sheriff is working in overdrive. >> it's really, really been a hard assignment. this is unlike anything we have ever seen in frederick county. >> from security, to traffic. >> expect inconveniences. >> and then there's the protesters. >> i heard rumor, not confirmed, but we'll see groups or segments of groups from denver out on the west coast, they will be some activists from europe. >> occupy frederick got a permit to hold a rally right here at this ampitheater. have been shut out. it will be closed along with many mountain roads. >> we are planning for everything, but expecting the best. >> we hope it brings a will the of business to the area. we are hoping it's a peaceful protest. >> i think that local people really are looking forward to it and being a part of history. >> in frederick, kristin
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fisher, 9news now. >> groups announced rallies, occupy frederick, baltimore, and delaware. they have all pledged to protest peacefully. >> no vote and tonight no voice. d.c.'s congressional delegate is furious. she was blocked from speaking about a bill that would ban late term abortions in the city. democrats call it a disgrace. republicans insist it was well within congressional tradition. bruce leshan is live on capitol hill. bruce. >> yeah, anita. this is a frontal assault on the city's atonmy and allies of d.c. delegate, eleanor holmes norton say exactly what you say, that it is a disgrace. when arizona republican, trent franks called the house subcommittee on the constitution to order this afternoon, congresswoman norton was not among the witnesses. she sat back in the audience. the house republicans district of columbia pain capable,
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unborn child protection act would ban any abortions in d.c.20 weeks after fertilization. lets members from an affected district testify, but in this case, republicans told democrats they can have just one witness and they had to choose between a woman who had a late term abortion because of fetal abnormalities and delegate norton. >> we had a choice, i'm going to require the time back here. >> i would like to finish my statement on this. >> all right. >> we have a choice. it is wrong to impose a choice in us when legislation affects a specific district. >> we were to follow the gentleman's suggestion, their room would be full of members of congress. >> the republican majority is trying to barn storm the country and barn storm the supreme court to overturn roe versus wade. >> congressman franks, the
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subcommittee chairman called late term abortions the greatest human rights violation of our time. he says the constitution gets congress every right to ban those abortions in the district of columbia. it is already banned d.c. from spending its own money to provide abortions for low income women, democrats say this is the continuation of what they call a republican war on women. anita, back to you. >> bruce leshan, thank you. well, apparently someone slapped a giant target on the earth's backside and we can find ourselves in cosmic cross hairs. get this, 47 00 asteroids are whirling around out there, close enough and big enough to put a curtain on the home planet if they hit. that's according from a new estimate from nasa. something we can't control. >> we just love knowing that thing can go -- >> coming close. >> there you go. >> it will be fine. shoot it down. you're feeling better now.
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>> all right, 77 today. pretty much average. we're looking at a fantastic day tomorrow and i looked at information in the weather office. saturday looks a little better. a little further east, that's a good thing. let's start with a live look outside. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we are looking at pretty much pure sun. 76 right now. winds north, northeast at 7. if you live by the water, it's going to be cooler in places like annapolis and down into calvert county, st. mary's county. look at the dew point. when the sun goes down, it's a dry air mass. dry air masses heat up quickly and cool off quickly. 72 in bethesda. 75 still in rockville. 73 in great falls. down to 70 in leesburg. 73 in manassas and 74 in arlington. still 75 in college park and 74 in beltsville. so, a nice stretch of weather mainly. chilly tonight, grab a light jacket for tomorrow. grab your sunglasses.
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a little worried about the clouds on saturday, but less concerned that i was about an hour or so ago. we will keep you posted. it's not going to rain. especially east of i-95. that said, it's a great stretch of weather to do things like seal your deck, do outside painting. even wash your car. great night to see baseball. hosting the pirates, 74 for the first pitch. 67 for the last pitch. winds light. check it out. for tonight, clear skies, kind of chilly. a one blanket night. we are talking low 40s the suburbs. sunshine tomorrow. grab a light jacket, 40s and 50s. winds northeast at 10. by afternoon, sunny and spectacular, just beautiful. high temperatures around 75 and winds easterly at 10. now the next seven days, we're going to keep it going. we are worried about the clouds on saturday for the preakness. it will be a dry run for the preakness and not rain. maybe some high clouds. should be nice at andrews. the joint services open house to be fine saturday and sunday.
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i'll put a blog up tomorrow and let you know when the buses go to and from the fedex and metro station. a better chance for showers on tuesday, but all in all, that's a nice saturday. >> haven't heard this in a while. sweet. >> love that. all right. thanks, top. >> we are loving the backyard band that has been hanging out with us here at the wusa9 studios with an incredible tribute to the late great chuck brown. we're going to come out and spend time with them before the show ends. stay with us.
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welcome back. we could not finish the show without coming outside, lesli and i, to hear more of the backyard band in this tribute to chuck brown. >> absolutely. we have big g here who is a big figure in this band, also from the wire fame. i know we don't have a lot of time, but what does it mean to be out here, carry out the legacy of chuck brown? >> it means everything. it's a tradition that keeps rolling, you know, he did a lot for us. just to keep his spirit alive and keep the music going. he did a lot for us. >> and you all are doing a fantastic job. i know he would be proud of all of you. big g and the backyard band out here doing it for the late
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great chuck brown. we're going to listen to some music before we let them carry it out and do another tribute. let's hear it. ♪ [ music ]
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he might say, when it comes like this. ♪ [ music ] go-go is a music that continually goes on and on and you might take a break inbetween and everybody gets joining in. audience participating. >> got a grammy nomination? >> oh my god, unbelievable. ♪ [ music ]
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president bush invited me to the white house three times. >> not to play, just to be there? >> just to be there. >> are you republican if. >> no indeed. i was wondering why he invited me. ♪ [ music ] >> i still got the desire. still got my fire. still getting hired. i haven't been fired, so why would one retire? ♪ [ music ] how do you want them to remember chuck brown? >> just like they see me. because right now, i'm enjoying every minute of being on the stage. let me shake your hand. you can remember a nice humble guy, trying to kick it, you know what i mean?
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